I was born in Kent, UK in 1978. With a lifetimes worth of exposure to photography, courtesy of my Dad, I guess the only surprise was that it wasn’t until late 2007 that I took it up as a serious hobby.


Since then things have moved quickly; I now live near Bradford, UK and have found myself quickly becoming more and more immersed in photography. Right now I would say my heart lies with travel and landscape photography, but I’m sure that’ll morph over time and as you’ll see from my portfolio it’s far from an exhaustive list! I would like to think that one day I may have a distinctive style that people would recognise as my own, but I’m a long way off from that right now. As long as I continue to enjoy it as much as I currently do then I’ll be happy!


I really hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures and if you need to get hold of me for any reason at all then contact details are here. Thanks again for looking…!